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When the Palm Network launched in 2021, the world was still discovering the possibilities of web3 as a tool to enhance creativity and connection. We launched the Palm Foundation in 2022 to support development of the Palm Network and the stability and longevity of the web3 creative space, stewarding projects and technological developments that will ensure the long-term success of the network.

Having deployed projects with partners like Damien Hirst, DC Comics and Major League Baseball, Palm has become the home of sports, art and entertainment. The Palm Foundation continues to accelerate the growth and resilience of the network, expanding the user base and sustaining its vibrant creative ecosystem. Only 16% of NFT creators are women; today, women are half as likely as men to say they’ve invested in, traded, or used cryptocurrency. And women of color founders make up just 4% of tech startups.

The Foundation is also working to improve global access to web3 education, training, and mentorships, the development of no-code tools, and the launch of partnership, grant and scholarship programs. We’re not just onboarding the next billion people into web3 - we’re building a home for whatever they create. And it all begins here on Palm.